Dr. Vivianne Wersel

Dr. Vivianne Cisneros Wersel, Arlington Chapter's President Emeritus has been an advocate for military families since 1992, working as a Key Volunteer for the USMC. Later, as a military surviving spouse, she served on Government Relations Committee of Gold Star Wives of America (GSW) for nearly a decade. 


Passionate, trusted advocate for Military Surviving Spouses and their families, with a more than decade-long leadership record of success via publicizing, campaigning for, advocating for, and shepherding bills through Congress resolving inequities in treatment of Veterans and their families, based on personal experience following Marine husband’s death in 2005 a week after returning from his second tour of duty in Iraq.  Publicize needs for Military Surviving Spouses and their families by testifying before Congress and frequently appearing in national media as an expert on Veteran Affairs (VA) issues.


Prior to husband’s death, advocated for children as an audiologist for school systems and PTO president. 

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